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Laminated Flooring Or Vinyl (PVC) Flooring

Nowadays, there are so many available flooring options that you can choose if you want to redecorate your house. One of the choices you have is whether to decide for laminated flooring or vinyl flooring. The debate over vinyl floors versus laminate floors can go on for a long time. What is important is not the question if laminate flooring is a better option than vinyl flooring but which one is best suitable for your needs, your budget and your home decor. There are specific advantages and disadvantages for each of these options. Some people are more satisfied with vinyl floors, some with laminate floors.

 Laminted Flooring Or Vinyl (PVC) Flooring?

One of the advantages of vinyl flooring is that it may look better from an aesthetic point of view. That happens because with vinyl there are more choices for styles and colours than you might have with laminate flooring. Vinyl gives you options to choose some flooring that just looks like another type of flooring, imitating tile flooring or hardwood. This way, no matter your home design theme, you would be able to easy find a vinyl flooring that will match well with the rest of your home decor.

With the introduction of plank shapes laminate flooring that are narrow and long, imitating real wood boards, and with textures that better resemble wood, vinyl flooring remains a popular option among the home owners and interior designers. However, laminate flooring also gained in popularity, especially as a kitchen floor, for the reason that it was the first truly wood looking flooring that you can install by yourself.

Another good thing about vinyl flooring is the durability of this type of material. You can trust that your vinyl flooring will last for many years to come. Vinyl flooring tends to be more durable than the laminated flooring. Vinyl has also the advantage to be very affordable. You can redecorate your home with vinyl floors even if you are on a tight budget. Vinyl flooring has been for long the workhorse of bargain home remodeling projects.

Some home owners are still feeling confuse when faced with the decision to choose between laminated floors and vinyl floors, because there are some similarities between them. In order to help you making an informed purchasing decision, we will discuss more in depth the advantages and disadvantages of laminated flooring versus vinyl flooring.

Vinyl flooring matches the costs of laminate flooring and also the looks and possibility for do it yourself installation. What vinyl offer in addition is its performance in wet places. Vinyl and laminate flooring both range from very cheap to moderate pricing.

Vinyl flooring is ranging in thickness from 1.5 mm to 5 mm, being thinner than laminate flooring. For comparison, laminate can range from 6mm to 12mm.

Environmental friendly
In the past, vinyl had earned the bad reputation of being the least environmental friendly option on the market. However, that has changed and now the flooring manufacturing companies produce types of vinyl that achieves a Low Emitting Material credit of EQ4.3. On the other side, laminate flooring uses wood in its composition and qualifies for a recycled content of MR4 rating.

Laminted Flooring Or Vinyl (PVC) Flooring?

Resale value
The resale value of vinyl flooring is poor to moderate; while for laminate flooring is moderate to good. The bad reputation of vinyl flooring as a cheap option has changed with the introduction of luxury vinyl flooring options. For laminate, even if is not achieving the same resale value as for engineered wood flooring or solid wood, it still provides a moderately good resale value.

Resistance to moisture
The resistance to moisture for vinyl flooring is excellent; while for laminate flooring is just moderate. Vinyl flooring is hard to beat in terms of moisture resistance because it is 100 percent impervious to moisture and even standing water. Vinyl is not only water resistant but truly water proof. That makes vinyl an option that can be installed in just any house room, including bathrooms and basements prone to flooding. Laminate, on the other side, is only moderately water resistant, but there are also waterproof varieties, such as ICORE from Mannington.

Vinyl is very easy to install and can be cut with just an ordinary utility knife. Laminate must be cut with a table or circular saw with conventional blade or ultra fine blade, and it requires foam moisture underlayment prior to installation.


You may choose either vinyl or laminate flooring, according to your own preferences, your home decor style, and your budget. Both make good and popular options for house flooring in Singapore.


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