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5 Most Popular Types Of Wood Flooring In Singapore

Singapore is fast a becoming an affluent place to live in and for this reason, many home owners are finding themselves forced to get the very best of building materials. Once the building is done, the furnishings to be used in the home also have to be top notch in order for them to match the high quality building. One of the things that are widely considered when building is the type of flooring to be used. In addition to glamour, it has to be of the highest quality and play a very functional role. This article will explain the 5 most popular types of wood flooring in Singapore.

5 Most Popular Types Of Wood Flooring In Singapore

Solid wood flooring
This is by far the most popular type of flooring used in Singapore. The reasons for this are many one of them being that solid wood is expensive and when you buy wood of high quality, you will be a home owner in a class of your own. In addition, solid wood comes in many types, colors and texture and this means that you can very easily select the one you want. It only gets better in that wood is very durable and easy to maintain and therefore you will not have the need to change the flooring. Solid wood flooring raises the value of the house immensely and should you decide to sell the house, you will make some good profit.

Finished and unfinished wood flooring
All types of wood flooring require finish and as far as this is concerned, you can chose from finished and unfinished flooring. Finished flooring comes with the finish installed as the finishing and sanding process were carried out at the factory. Finished flooring comes ready for use. On the other hand, unfinished flooring has to be sanded and finished while getting installed. It therefore takes a bit longer to be ready for use once you buy it. The beauty of unfinished flooring is that you will get to choose the finishing option you want on your wood floor. This customization feature is what makes many Singapore home owners opt to buy unfinished wood floors and have them finished on site.

This is another popular type of wood flooring that you will find in many homes. It is traditional in nature and is mainly made up of solid wood. It has great color and texture that gives the home a classic and expensive wood taste. In as much as it is very dramatic in appearance, it normally contracts and expands based on the temperature of the home and therefore you will need to take note of this as you make the purchase.

Engineered wood flooring
To get engineered flooring, many layers of various wood veneers are fitted together to make a slab of wood that is then installed as a floor. The layers can come from trees of the same species or different species. To make the flooring stable, the grains of the wood in the various layers is placed in such a way that they run in different directions. This way, engineered wood flooring expands and contracts less when compared with solid wood flooring. It goes without saying that the very top layer of the engineered wood flooring is of the highest quality to make the flooring appealing.

Re-Engineered Wood Flooring
This is another popular type of wood flooring used in Singapore. When it comes to its features, it is similar to engineered wood flooring the only difference being that it is cheaper. For this reason, you will most find it used in homes owned by young couples who are just starting off. Since the floor type is still natural wood, it has the ability of warming up one’s feet when the weather is cold and cooling off the feet during hot weather. It is also dust mite resistant which makes it stable and more durable.

One of the best things about all the above types of wood flooring used in Singapore is that you don’t need to have a degree in rocket science to be able to maintain them in good condition. Mopping alone suffices as a cleaning method and wood is resistant to staining so you can have no worries about staining. In addition, the wood is treated to last long making wood flooring even better.


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