Timber Flooring

Love timber flooring? There are various types of materials that you can use for your flooring purposes. Some people may like to leave the cement floor as it is for the rustic feel and of course, incurring no additional cost. But most people would cover the floor with some materials, as having concrete flooring is rather dull and cold as a dwelling place. You may lay tiles on your floors, put laminate flooring or have timber flooring. For example, ceramic tiles can be used for the floors of your kitchen, bath rooms and service areas, as they are generally cheaper and easy to maintain.

As for the living rooms, you may wish to choose natural stone tiles e.g. marble or granite or timber flooring i.e. hardwood like teak or oak. Both of these materials provide sophisticated feel to your living areas. Any of the said materials can also be used for your bedrooms. Using ceramic tiles or laminate flooring would be cheaper than timber flooring. However, if ceramic tiles are used for bedrooms, you would have a cold reception whenever you step into your bed room before you reach your cozy bed. Laminate flooring is generally made of plastic, although it is relatively cheaper, it does not give a natural feel to the rooms, is also not long lasting and is not healthy.

Timber flooring comes in the form of strips e.g. for parquet flooring or planks e.g. for outdoor decking. Timber flooring provides elegance, natural warmth and homeliness for the living and bedrooms. If parquet is used, the different contrasting colours and patterns of wood grains of each strip and how each strip is being arranged provide interesting and unique patterns thereby enhancing the overall look of an otherwise drab room. Such geometrically beautiful patterns also give a natural and sophisticated feel to the rooms! Timber flooring is popularly used as they are durable, long lasting and can be easily laid on concrete floors. Besides, timber flooring does not absorb dust, so daily maintenance is easy, all you need is to regularly sweep it. To remove dirt, you can clean the parquet floor with a slightly damp mop. Occasionally, you may consider re-sanding, re-staining and re-finishing your parquet flooring to make it stand out in the whole house and gives you a brand new look and feel anytime you want!

Timber flooring is also commonly used for the planter boxes, garden and balcony of most homes. In such cases, planks are laid. Hardwood is used as it is resistant to the natural elements and is treated to prevent infestation by termites. The grains of the wood providing feel of the nature and its beautiful designs would certainly enhance the value of your property. By adding a few pieces of outdoor furniture, your home would be envy to your neighbours!

Using natural wood flooring certainly makes the surrounding air and environment clean and healthy as it does not accumulate dust mite or emit chemicals. Thus besides providing beautiful patterns, sophistication to your house and ease of installation, timber flooring contributes greatly in enhancing the wellbeing and healthy lifestyle of your family.