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6 Cons Of Laminate Flooring

Homeowners will often look towards a variety of options when it comes to flooring renovations. These options each pose certain advantages and disadvantages that have to be pondered over before confirming a specific type. Laminate flooring is an option that is considered by many and is regarded as a respectable option. This article will highlight laminate flooring disadvantages that should be thought about prior to signing any agreement.

6 Cons Of Laminate Flooring


This is one of the major concerns when it comes to laminate flooring. No homeowner wishes to have flooring that will see 'wear and tear' over time and resort to requiring heavy maintenance. Most individuals will not see this as a 'cost-friendly' option. Laminate flooring is known to 'wear and tear' over time and is usually good for around 20 years. In comparison to other options, this is simply not good enough as others can last for 20+ years at a bare minimum.

Cannot Refinish

Most homeowners will look to spice up their flooring by giving it an extra shine or touch. This is not possible for laminate flooring and is a significant issue in the long-run. If one day you wish to create a darker finish, it will not be possible and the idea will be dumped. This is an issue that a homeowner has to contemplate over before installing laminate flooring.

Difficult to Repair

Mishaps happen and there can be chips and cracks in the flooring that require repairing. This is a reality of life and has to be taken into due consideration before moving further with one's flooring. Difficulty behind repairing is one of the major laminate flooring disadvantages because of the costs involved. The reason for the difficulty comes from the process requiring removal of the planks in order to begin the process. This can be heavily time-consuming and lead to issues in the overall price cost for repairs.

Unable to Find Replacement Flooring

Laminate flooring is usually factory made and will be designed to 'live in the moment'. This basically means the flooring will often be discontinued by the manufacturers and lead to homeowners being without adequate replacements. If the homeowner is looking to replace one piece, discontinued laminate flooring will mean there are no replacement options available. This is not the case with hardwood flooring, which is a more natural and easier to find.

Less Appealing

Homeowners are always reluctant when it comes to choosing below-par flooring in terms of visual appeal. No one wishes to decorate their home with something that does not look good to the eye. This is the case with laminate flooring as it is known to be less natural and thus less appealing.

Moisture Content

There are often reports of Laminate flooring being prone to moisture damage. This damage can be the result of climate changes and other liquid forms seeping into the wood. When this happens, laminate flooring will often become damaged and beyond repair. This is a concern for home owners that do not want to see moisture ruining their wood.

Laminate flooring disadvantages are aplenty and there are many concerns associated with the 'cheaper' option. While it is a 'budget-friendly' option, there are numerous disadvantages to contemplate before going forward with the renovation.
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