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What Is the Difference Between Laminate and Vinyl Flooring?

You can find a number of flooring options in the Singapore market these days. They are used by the people for installing at their home or office space according to their requirements and budget. These floorings are used not only to improve the look of the place but also to make the space more comfortable and cosy. Some of these options like wood, cork, glass, concrete and ceramic tiles are elegant but expensive whereas some like vinyl flooring and laminate flooring are equally graceful but inexpensive as compared to others. Before discussing the difference between both the inexpensive options you should have brief information about all the flooring types used in Singapore so that you can make a proper decision.
Wood or timber flooring: This is an expensive type of flooring as it is made of quality wood to maintain its durability for long. This flooring made of hard or soft wood is used in Singapore for installing on the existing flooring to reduce its cost of installation. Some of the wood-flooring options are available pre-laminated whereas some are laminated during installation for their long lasting look. But these laminate wood flooring cannot be installed in wet areas like toilets and kitchens. For such places some people use palmwood flooring as they require no lamination and a bit inexpensive than other wood flooring options.

Laminate Flooring

Cork flooring:

It is another popular flooring type used in Singapore due to its insulating and eco-friendly features. It can keep your area look beautiful for long time as it is equally resistant to dry as well as wet weather conditions. So it can be considered as the best option for summers and winters regardless of its higher cost.

Glass flooring:

This latest flooring option can be used flexibly for internal as well as external floors including decks, pathways and driveways etc. While using it externally you will have to make it bearable to the weight of your car. On the other hand it can make your room look large and bright if installed indoor.

Ceramic tile flooring:

This flooring option is getting popularity in Singapore for its beautiful designs and looks as well as its suitable with all decor options.

Though all these flooring types increase the elegance of your place but they need proper maintenance for their long lasting looks.

Laminate flooring:

This is a hassle free flooring option popularly used in Singapore by the budgetary people as it needs least maintenance for long time after its installation. It is available in various patterns and designs like wood and ceramic patterns etc. to give an elegant look to the space at affordable cost. Their four layer construction makes them easy to install and durable like other expensive options.

Vinyl flooring:

It is another cost effective flooring option for the people on budget. It is liked in Singapore due to its classy looks and durability as it is made from synthetic products including vinyl resins and additives like stabilizers, plasticisers and fillers etc. It is available in wide variety of colour, styles and designs in tile as well as sheet form from which you can choose according to your requirements.

In this way you can choose the suitable type of flooring for your home or office in Singapore according to your needs and budget. But if you are interested only in the cost effective and durable flooring then laminate flooring or vinyl flooring can better option for you. In order to choose one from them you will have to consider differences between the two.

Vinyl Flooring

Difference between laminate flooring and vinyl flooring

Structural properties:

The planks of laminate flooring are normally made of four layers to increase their durability. Their top layer is made of tough plastic and its second layer contains the print of design pattern. The composition of plastic, woodchip and glue is used as their third and four layer of the laminate flooring to provide them a strong base. The tiles or sheets of vinyl flooring on the other hand are made of layers of vinyl only, without any wood fibre, with the backing of fibreglass or cloth. The thickness of the planks of laminate and vinyl is approximately 3/8 inch whereas that of vinyl tiles and sheets varies between 1/8 and 3/16 inch.

Resistance to moisture:

The moisture resistance of laminate flooring is not dependable as they contain wood fibre. So they are not recommended for wet space like kitchens, laundries and bathrooms. Their edges can curl up by swelling in moist conditions. Vinyl flooring on the other hand in any shape or size are water resistant as they are made of vinyl only without any wood fibre. As compared to laminates vinyl is better resistant to spills, dampness and humidity.

Process of installation:

Installation process of laminate flooring is quite different from vinyl flooring. While installing laminates locking mechanism is used to snap them together. In fact they are made easy to cut and install even by a layman without any specific training. On the other hand installation of vinyl flooring needs skilful professional. The vinyl sheet has to be measured and cut accurately and the glue has to be spread evenly before installing it. Though vinyl tiles are easier to install even then you will have to mess up with glue to install them. Yet planks of vinyl flooring can be installed as laminates but they need more effort to lay straight and lock together due to their flexible nature.

Required condition of subfloor:
Though both vinyl and laminate flooring require a dry subfloor but still you can lay laminate planks even if it has few imperfections. Vinyl flooring on the other hand requires perfectly levelled subfloor as you can feel the imperfections under it. You will have to cover these imperfections with plywood to give a perfectly levelled subfloor to install vinyl tiles or sheets. Moreover acclimation of lament board three days before its installation is necessary to avoid their swelling in future. But no such acclimation is required with vinyl sheets or tiles.

Thus, after considering all the points of difference discussed in this write-up you can easily choose between laminate flooring and vinyl flooring to install in your home or office in Singapore.

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