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What Is The Best Flooring For Home With Kids?

The kind of flooring chosen for your living space is usually very important factor especially where children are involved. As much as the choice all comes back to your personal preference, the practicality and functionality should as well be considered. There are various types of flooring that will definitely solve all you needs in terms of beauty, durability and other factors, but when you have kids living in the house, then the whole choosing process should have their comfort, safety, health and also durability in mind. So, what is the best flooring for a home with kids? This article takes a deep view of
different kinds of floorings and how suitable they will work for families with children.

Best Flooring

1. Carpets

Carpets are among the best flooring options for homes with very young kids. This is especially advisable for the child's room. Toddlers are prone to falls, trips and other kinds of accidents. With a carpeted floor, getting hurt will no longer be a worry as it helps cushion the kid's fall. In addition to this, if the kid is at the crawling stage, it helps prevent bruises on the knees that could be caused by dragging onto the ground. Carpet also helps absorb noise levels and is warmer hence offers better undistracted sleep. Many people may be worried about stains and spills that are unavoidable for children. The best carpets for this purpose are made of yarn which is virtually non-absorbent hence easier cleaning of spills. Carpeted floors should always be vacuumed thoroughly to ensure no dust or allergens that could spark allergic reactions, respiratory problems and skin infections. You can either buy wall-to-wall carpeting or carpet squares that can be easily replaced or laid in different patterns.

2. Hardwood flooring

As children grow up, they start getting active and this will lead to more strain on your floors. High quality hardwood floors can sustain all the rough handling they will get from toys and other activities as children engage in play. Hardwood is durable, strong and ecofriendly. Unlike other synthetic flooring, hardwood is healthier and safer as it releases no chemicals or harmful organic compounds. As much as purchasing and installing hardwood floors is quite expensive, in the long run, they are cost-efficient as they can be sanded and refinished occasionally especially in areas with stains or with high traffic instead of being replaced. Cleaning spills and stains on hardwood floors takes just a simple wipe and it also doesn't hold on to dust like carpet fibers. Bamboo flooring is also a great alternative to hardwood as it bears all the properties of hardwood.

3. Laminate floors

With the look and feel of hardwood, laminate floors are a cheaper option for hardwood floors. This synthetic kind of flooring looks just like hardwood and is resistant to scratches hence great for the plastic wheels, toys and drops which are characteristic to children. Laminate floors do not get stained easily, and even if it does, a little scrubbing will help get rid of the dirt or stain. In case of spills or messes, cleaning is never a hassle as it takes just a simple wipe. In fact, one can even make their own natural cleaning products. Laminate works great on high traffic areas as it is durable. Though, this kind of flooring should never be exposed to large amounts of water as it will be ruined completely. Laminate is also extremely slippery, so make sure to avoid liquid spills at all costs.

Best Flooring

4. Cork

With the softness of carpet and sustainability of hardwood, cork has in the recent years become a popular flooring choice for families with children. It provides a soft cushioned surface for the kid's delicate feet, hands and knees. It also prevents sprains and bruises from the frequent falls by kids as they play. Though not as durable as hardwood and bamboo, it is known to last several years in good condition. It is natural and environmental friendly hence safe and healthy for your kid. It is a great insulator hence warmer and also absorbs sounds, which makes it ideal for the kid's bedroom. Cork flooring is quite affordable, just like carpet, and is very easy to clean. Unfortunately, being natural makes it susceptible to fading after long exposure to sunlight. It may also get damaged at pressure points due to its moldable nature. Cork should never be exposed to standing water as it will swell up.

5. Tiles

When it comes to durability, tiled floors have always been the better option. Tiles are cheaper and stronger. They are resistant to scratches and chipping, hence the kid will have all the fun riding their favorite toys around the house. Tiles are found in a very wide variety of colors and materials and the choice totally depends on preference. Tiles are also resistant to stains; your kid could actually paint their class' Art without ruining the floors. Cleaning is also easy these floors can be swept, mopped, dusted, vacuum or even scrubbed. Unfortunately, tiled floors are usually very cold. You could make use of area rugs or carpets for sound absorption and warmth.

6. Concrete

Concrete is the most affordable and easily accessible type of flooring. Concrete provides unmatched durability and ease of maintenance hence a great pick for homes with active kids. In fact, it provides better flexibility in that the child can play inside the house with any kind of toy without the worry of ruining the floors. The house can at the same time be turned into a warm, quiet and cozy living space by adding some carpets or area rugs. Concrete floors can also be tiled. For aesthetic purposes, concrete floors can also be painted or dyed in the child's preferred design and color scheme. This kind of floor is resistant to scratches and stains hence easier to clean by mopping, dusting, sweeping or scrubbing. Concrete can even accommodate standing water thus spills and messes are never an issue.

As much as children present a very wide range of threats to your home's flooring, it is also very important to note that their safety and comfort should be considered. The above flooring options are among the best options for homes with kids as they incorporate durability, comfort and safety measure to ensure that all members of the household are comfortable and safe. It is important to consider the pros and cons of each of these with regards to your kid's health, age and also your budget for the best results.

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