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The Benefits of Installing Laminate Flooring


What are the benefits of installing laminated flooring? Choosing the right flooring is a crucial task, it is advisable to choose the right one as you will benefit regardless of health or impression when your guests stepped into your house. Do you realise that laminate flooring is becoming more popular choice? Before choosing laminate flooring as your preferred choice, you may want to consider various reasons.

There is an extensive range of flooring available in the market today for homeowner. In the recent years, laminate flooring option became popular due to its durability, easy to maintain and install, decorative and cost effective. Laminate flooring is an economical solution for your flooring regardless of the human traffic. Carpet flooring will require you to replace due to its wear and tear and hardwood flooring will require at least 4 refinishing.
Laminate Flooring Singapore
Laminate flooring comes in different types and styles. It will be able to provide a cleaner & healthier environment as compared to carpets. As carpets trap particles and if it is not regularly cleaned or vacuumed, it will accumulate and cause allergies and itchiness but with simple cleaning, laminate flooring does not attract much dust. Laminate flooring is recommended as it will not cause any health problem to your loved ones. It is affordable just like any hardwood flooring and a few major benefits will be resistant to stain, chemical, moisture and fading. Laminate flooring may be one of your best choice for households with heavy traffic without easily be scratched & dented and it will look new for years!

By installing laminate flooring, it will add beauty to your house and if it is properly maintained, it will last for years. Laminate flooring became so popular and suitable for areas such as rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and etc. Generally speaking, laminate flooring became one of the cheapest flooring others with quality and it use a photograph of the wood to emulate.

Finally, laminate flooring does not require any glue; it can be easily be removed and installed by making them together. There will be no excess glue to clean up, and flooring can be used immediately upon completion. It is also a reusable flooring material. Most laminate flooring can last up to 10 years and real wood floor may not offer this benefit. You may install it yourself, but it is advisable to engage a professional flooring company to save you more money & time.

Singapore Wood flooring is here to assist you! We provide different types of flooring to fulfil our client’s requirement. We strive to be one of the leading flooring companies, providing only quality workmanship and efficient service. We will always listen to our clients and advice professionally when required.

We do provide a FREE on-site quotation! Do not hesitate to call us for non-obligatory information. We hope to lend you a helping hand!

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Was recommended by my colleague to do my vinyl flooring. They offered free onsite quote and the vinyl flooring consultant came and gave us a quotation. He advised us on the various types of floorings and we decided to go for laminate flooring, vinyl and also decking for my patio. Really wonderful service. Appreciate your help guys.
Vincent Ong (Punggol)
Singapore #1 Flooring Specialist
Singapore #1 Laminate flooring, Vinyl flooring, Parquet, Decking, Timber, Bamboo & Engineered Flooring Specialists

Singapore #1 Laminate Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Parquet, Decking, Timber, Bamboo & Engineered Flooring Specialists

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We are specialists in Laminate Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Parquet, Decking, Timber Flooring, Bamboo Flooring & Engineered Flooring
We are specialists in Laminate Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Parquet, Decking, Timber Flooring, Bamboo Flooring & Engineered Flooring
Looking for the leading flooring expert in Singapore? Call one of our 8 hotlines today!
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Got my timber decking and also vinyl flooring installed my Singapore Floorings. All i can say is their rates and workmanship is superb. They even send me some vouchers to do my curtains and lightings. Very attention to detail and great customer service.
Mr Singh (River Valley)

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