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The Importance Of Proper Wood Flooring Installation

Have you chosen to use hard wood for flooring your apartment? There is nothing wrong with that noble choice of yours because yours is not the pioneer. There have several others before you with proven stories of success.Before you put down any dime towards this project however, it is very highly important that you read through the entire length of this article so as to have a clearer knowledge of the terrain of hardwood flooring there in Singapore.

Flooring Installation

The installation process is the key to your enjoying your hard wood floor. There have been instances when the materials used are first class; but the output becomes embarrassing below expectation. The root cause is installation; if you did not get it right here, then output will fall below recommended standards. The focus of this article is on installation of the hard wood floor. Come along as we go steadily from one point to the other.


The greatest mistake you will make is to attempt doing it by yourself. You will be making a big mistake which can result into a colossal waste of money invested in the project. The first thing to do after you have made a decision to have the hard wood floor for your apartment is to employ the services of a pro. Extra cash spent in that direction is worth it; for it will save you from problems in the long run. In hiring the pro, go for a seasoned pro with proven track record of performance in the field. The pro will coordinate the process from start to finish. The installation can only be guaranteed if handled by the pro.

Here are some four primary methods of hard wood floor installation:


Use is made of adhesive or natural resins spread with aid of the proper trowel to ensure that the hard wood is adhered to the subfloor. This method can only be applied to engineered or parquets hard wood. There are quite a number of adhesives in the market; your pro installer knows how best to go about this, he will get the recommended adhesive that will best suite your occasion.


In this process, your hardwood will have no physical contact with the main floor. It is installed to float on the subfloor. There is a thin pad between the hard wood and the subfloor. The recommended glue is applied between this thing pad and the hard wood, gluing it professionally together thereby making it to float on the subfloor.

Wood Flooring


This can be achieved by using 2’ nailing cleats complemented by the use of a mallet and a flooring nailer to fix the hard wood onto the floor. This can be nailed to the wooden floor on the grade or conversely, above grade. If the hardwood is of the thinner category, then available adaptors are used to achieve the expected results.


This method of installation is based on the stapling technique. Staples of about 1-2 inch are used to affix the wood flooring to the subfloor. The implement used is the pneumatic gun which is used to drive in the nail that holds together firmly the hardwood to the subfloor. Having gone through all the four processes that the pro can use to get you the desired results, it is also equally important to consider some other equally important factors to be taken into consideration in other to get maximum benefit.


You should as a matter of compulsion leave your hardwood for four to five days on the site where you intend installing it. This is very necessary because wood has the ability to expand or contrast. When you allow the hardwood to acclimatize; the problem whereby measurements will turn out falling below/above standard is overcome. The installer achieves this by opening all the boxes.


Before beginning the installation proper, there will be the need to move all existing household belongings away from the apartment,. The installer can handle this for you; though it will come at an extra cost of the Singapore currency. After moving the household items, there is the need to ensure the control of the temperature in the apartment where installation is expected to take place. The indoor humidity should be maintained at between 45%-65%. You are to choose between heated or air conditioned environment for maximum effects.


For the best results, your existing subfloor will have to be examined to know the suitability or otherwise of it for the hardwood. In some cases, these subfloors are prepared to conform to the hardwood. In extreme cases however, a new subfloor is required to achieve maximum results. Your installer will advise on how best to get desired results. The subfloor should be level and clean as best as possible.

Wood Flooring


Yes our business is with the floor, but in most cases, and for an unhindered access to your apartment, your doors may have to give way for an unhindered access. Your installer is a core professional; he will remove such doors and hang them back at the close of the installation.


Installing your hardwood can be hazardous. The tools that these installers use to achieve the goals you have commissioned them will make the work area to be hazardous. Make sure that children and your pet keep a safe distance from the work environment. Food contamination cannot be ruled out. Ensure that they are kept in a safe room, more so when you are working close to the kitchen apartment.


When the installer is still working on the floor; have a walk with him in the work area. Doing this, you will be able to point out areas where corrections are needed so that it will be addressed on time. This will not give room for after work misgivings that happen in some instances.


After the installation of your hardwood floor, there will always be the debris of work done left behind. You have to have this in mind from the onset; it is therefore strongly advised that you clear this aspect with your installer from the onset. In most cases, the installers are responsible for clearing the after work debris.


You need the services of a proven pro installer to get the best hardwood installed for your delight. In Singapore, the services of these pros are handy and available; go for one of the reputable ones and be rest assured of the results.

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