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The Diverse Choice Of Office Flooring

At present, the choice of flooring for office and other commercial buildings is huge. Floor coverings for the office are so diverse that sometimes it is not easy to choose the right cover, especially since the cover for the office should be not only durable but also not requiring special expenses for its cleaning.

Choice Of Office Cleaning

For home, the choice of a floor is rather an aesthetic question. Unlike the office, where fire safety and high performance of the floor covering are important. The most significant factor in choosing the flooring in the office is the design of the floor itself - the base (material) under the flooring is important to remember!

Below we look at the most popular types of office flooring.

Office Carpet

Carpet, or carpet tiles, create comfort in such necessary for a person premises, such as an office or a cozy room for rest. Carpet gives us a huge selection of different options for colors and textures. This is a soft and warm floor with high sound absorption.

Appearance, quality, structure, durability, as well as ease of cleaning carpet, primarily depend on the main component of the material - the quality of the fiber, its density and additional processing of the filaments.

Carpet, like other types of flooring materials, are both low cost and expensive. Huge value on the cost of carpet has the quality and color of carpet threads. For the production of carpet with the most attractive price, often used thread, painted only superficially and low density. Such a carpet will not withstand long-term operation in conditions of high permeability since its exterior color of the thread will quickly lose its attractiveness, this version of carpet is designed for low permeability or for home premises.

In turn, carpet is more expensive, made with the use of threads dyed in mass and planted more closely to each other. Such material is able to withstand a long process of operation and invariably delight its owner with the constant preservation of color and structure.

One of the important components when choosing carpet for the office, in addition to the composition of the thread, is its density. She allows to feel cozy softness, or steady against attrition, the density of a carpet covering. A greater number of threads, namely a high density of threads in the carpet, ensures longer wear of the material. Carpet with a high density of threads, less abraded, laminated, as each loop supports the other and does not allow it to jam.

Office carpet tiles

One of the advantages of carpet tiles over carpet is its modularity. It is very convenient to lay such a tile, to combine various patterns from it, to store, transport and, if necessary, to replace a laid or polluted tile with a new one.

When calculating the installation of flooring, carpet tiles can significantly save money by reducing the waste of material when flooring. In addition, properly laid carpet tiles, thanks to the dense pile, perfectly hides the joints of carpet tiles, which makes the floor visually monolithic, and tightly fitted to each other the base of the tile does not allow dirt to penetrate deep into.

Choice Of Office Cleaning

Carpet tiles are widely used in office space. A huge number of options for design, colors, density, structure, and beauty of carpet tiles, allow you to combine them in a variety of variations. Carpet tiles in the office make it possible to create a unique design and a cozy interior for your office.

We draw your attention to the fact that there are variants of carpets not only for zones with moderate permeability but also for intense loads, for entrance zones where people wear outdoor shoes. A special antisplash carpet at the entrance allows preserving the durability of a more "gentle" floor covering in the office.

PVC Office Tiles

PVC tile is one of the outstanding options for office flooring. PVC tile is so diverse in its designs and colors that it is able to realize the design decisions of the pickiest consumers. The graceful combination of tiles in the design of stone and wood, a clear distribution of areas of operation in the room, this is only a small part of what can be done with the help of PVC tiles.

Given the variety of PVC tiles used in both home and commercial premises, it is easy enough to choose the option that suits you the most.

The class of wear resistance of the material is of great importance for the operation. By its properties, PVC tile is similar to heterogeneous linoleum. When choosing a PVC tile, it is necessary to pay attention to its durability properties and the protective layer, the larger the protective layer, the longer the PVC tile can please you with its presence on the floor. Also, the large thickness of the protective layer allows you to withstand the tremendous permeability of visitors over long service life. (Commercial class PVC tiles - a protective layer from 0.5 mm and above; household class from 0.3 to 0.5 mm.)

A wide range of collections makes it possible to select tiles for any interior. PVC tile for the office can very accurately imitate marble, granite, wood flooring.

Laminate in the office

Laminate is a good solution for office space if there are not a large number of visitors planned in this room since laminate is even 33 classes - commercial use, not the most durable material.

Laminate has a protective layer in the form of several layers of lacquer - it is sufficiently durable, abrasion resistant coating, which is perfect for the office of a small company, or for offices with a small flow of customers.

Laminate is an amazing material that can imitate various types of wood, porcelain stoneware, metal, and much more since its basis is paper that can be applied to anything. At the same time, the laminate in the office is an inexpensive floor covering that is easy to maintain.

The disadvantages of the laminate are that it is not amenable to recovery, it is a booming material (the girls on heels walk very loudly on it), and it is quickly worn out in places of intense movement of chairs. But at the same time the laminate is easy to lay, it does not require careful preparation of the base and has a minimum overrun at flooring.

Parquet and array in the office or office manager

Parquet or solid wood is one of the most expensive floorings, this is because natural wood is included in these coatings, the flooring has several layers of wood and only the top layer is a valuable wood species, and at the massive floorboard, the entire die is completely 100% solid wood.

These are natural materials that have a large range of wooden colors from various tree species, including exotic species.

Wood floors are fairly easy to maintain, they are durable and abrasion resistant floor coverings that can be restored (decanted and covered with a new layer of varnish or oil). But walking in street shoes on such surfaces is not worth it.

A parquet or solid board most often fits into the office of a company director or a meeting room, where there are a small cross and daily cleaning.

Choice Of Office Cleaning

Porcelain tiles in the office

Porcelain tiles are the rarest flooring that can be seen in the office. And this is not surprising, because porcelain stoneware is cold and sonorous material, and in any office space, extra noise (for example, a knock from the heels) is not needed at all.

Porcelain tile is most likely designed for high-traffic areas, such as lobbies, corridors, atriums of business centers. Often, porcelain stoneware is used as a floor covering in banks, shops, in customer service areas, in those areas where people have a high level of traffic in outdoor shoes.

Porcelain stoneware is one of the most resistant and hard floorings, porcelain stoneware is not afraid of moisture, it is very easy to clean, scratches are not visible on matt porcelain stoneware and it is not slippery, unlike glossy. Consider this nuance when choosing porcelain stoneware as a floor covering, it is especially dangerous to lay glossy porcelain immediately at the entrance from the street, as it is very slippery when wet, and if the sole is snowy or wet from rain, the probability of a person falling is very high.

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