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Pros & Cons On Marble Flooring

Marble is among the most graceful and sophisticated flooring materials that can be chosen for a house in Singapore. Based on history, marble flooring has been linked to a sense of opulence and wealth. It is a material that palaces of kings and queens have been adorned with, and some of the great works of architecture and art produced throughout human history have also used marble. When installed in a house, a sense of sophistication is created that is carried throughout the atmosphere of the house.

Pros & Cons On Marble Flooring

Plenty of standard construction procedures use individual marble mosaics, slabs, and tiles. Today, the beautiful rock is known for being synonymous with luxury and refinement. In the past couple of years, there has been over a 400% increase in the sale of marble flooring. However, despite being extremely, marble has its own drawbacks, much like any other material. Therefore, before marble floor tiles are installed in a building project in Singapore, the pros and cons should be weighed beforehand.


Aesthetic Beauty
The aesthetic appearance of marble floor tiles is the first thing that attracts people to it. Marble is among is perhaps among the most beautiful building materials. There is a wide range of different varieties of marble that can be used as flooring in a house in Singapore. The precise color that is desired can be chosen from a gorgeous selection ranging from black to pink to a rich deep green to white. Marble happens to be an elegant and expressive material as a result of which good refinement and taste are conveyed. Various different styles of décor can be complemented with marble, whether classical or ultra-modern, or anything else.

Marble is a very durable and hard stone. If a ceramic dinner plate is dropped on linoleum, plate may remain intact but the linoleum may not. However, if a ceramic dinner plate is dropped on marble, the plate will be no more, but the marble will remain unscathed. The fact that marble happens to be exceptionally hard can actually prove to be quite beneficial. There will be no need to worry about the floor getting scratched up by a pet’s claws, which is typically the case when a house has hardwood flooring.

Due to how durable marble tends to be, it happens to have an exceptional lifespan. Marble is among the world’s oldest building materials, even the Greeks and Romans favoured it. Even today, exceptional artistic works of marble are on display all over the world. As long as marble is installed properly in a relevant parts of the house, such as low-traffic areas, it is very likely that the marble flooring will not have to be replaced in a lifetime. A trusted installer should be hired if longevity of marble flooring is to be ensured.


The cost of a typical marble tile in Singapore costs between S$4.99 and S$9.98 per square foot, and depending on the type that is chosen; even upward of S$9.98 can be spent per square foot for flooring. Moreover, it must also be kept in mind that special installation is required at an extra cost for specific marbles, particularly those in dark colors like black and green.

Low Stain Resistance
Often, granite is confused with marble, while people are even under the misconception that granite can be interchanged with marble and vice versa. However, these two materials are not similar. It is not recommended to use marble for countertops, but granite is used. This is because marble has low stain resistance due to being a porous stone. In comparison to installing marble as a countertop, it becomes less vulnerable to stains when installed as flooring. However, if a marble tile has not been properly polished and sealed, it may become necessary to replace it if something like a glass of red wine is spilled over it. Marble flooring may not be relevant for parts of the house where spills are more likely to occur.

Unlike ceramic and granite floor tiles, maintaining marble flooring requires more effort. Marble tiles have to be regularly polished if they need to be kept clean and shiny. Special cleaning products are required in order to clean marble, since chlorine is contained in most cleaning detergents, as a result of which the polish of tiles can be immediately ruined. Additionally, apart from cleaning and polishing, it becomes necessary to reseal tiles every 9 to 12 months, depending on where the marble has been installed in the house. Generally, a professional needs to be hired to do this, which can be expensive.

Perhaps no other surface could match the beautiful and unique look of real marble flooring, with their shade variations and whirling patterns. Even though they are perhaps one of the ideal materials to be installed in a house in Singapore, every homeowner is different, so these pros and cons must be considered.


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We are specialists in Laminate Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Parquet, Decking, Timber Flooring, Bamboo Flooring & Engineered Flooring
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