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Choosing And Caring For Your Laminate Flooring

Did you know that laminate flooring has been the choice of many homeowners for years? Laminate flooring sales have increased over a few years. It is easy to maintain and keep clean, while being very durable and having a long life span.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is available in many colors, designs, and sizes.

Once the decision has been made on which laminate floor to install, you will need to decide if you are going to install it yourself or have it in done by a professional. Laminate flooring is a huge investment in your home, and it would be devastating if it was done incorrectly and had to be replaced in just a few years.

Installations Instructions should be followed strictly

If you want to install it yourself you will need to get the supplies and rent the tools to do the job. The supplies needed are flooring pull bar, rubber mallet, tape measure, utility knife, coping saw, hammer, and laminate flooring and nails. Instructions on how to install the flooring correctly will also be important. Purchase at least 10 percent more flooring which is needed for any cutting errors or replacement that may be needed down the road.

To install laminate flooring, the first step is gathering the tools and materials you need to get the job done. For this job you need some adhesive, plastic sheeting to cover furniture, safety goggles, gloves, and some laminate floor cleaner for cleaning up afterwards.

Steps to install laminate flooring

Prepare the floor

Preparing your floor comes next. This is where you want to clean up any of the old floorings and make sure you have a flat, solid surface to work on. If there are any high spots left over, grind them off to even things out. Keep in mind that choosing the underlayer material depends most on the type of subfloor you are working on. Once you have prepared everything you can start laying the laminate flooring.

Lay the laminate pieces

Start laying the tile at the wall farthest from the door. Lay a piece of the flooring flat on the subfloor. Use this tile to mark the floor with chalk so that you know where every row will lineup. Start in the corner, and work across to the other corner. Leave some space between the wall and the laminate flooring, this allows the floor to move and breath without warping or buckling. Work your way across the room to the last row.

You can use a chalk line to mark your spots as a guide for laying the laminate pieces. You want to make sure to keep things straight so the whole floor doesn't turn out crooked at the end. Work your way around the room starting in one corner and when you make your way to the end, you may need to trim some of the laminate boards to get them to fit.

Use the laminate cleaner to go over the floor and clean it off

Afterwards you can use the laminate cleaner to go over the floor and clean it off. This will remove any excess adhesive from off the floor and leave the floor clean, sparkling and beautiful.

Laminate flooring is a top choice for new flooring if you want to redo a room in your home. It is affordable, durable and if you use a hardwood laminate, people will barely be able to tell the difference between this and hardwood flooring.

Acclimate to your home and its humidity

The flooring will need to acclimate to your home and its humidity. It should be laid out for 48 hours before it is installed. Remove all the wrapping and leave the laminate so that air can flow around it.

Laminate Flooring

While the tile is airing, start removing the baseboards in the room where the laminate flooring is to be installed. If there is carpet on the floor, it will have to be removed as well as the pad, and any carpet strips that are on the floor. Clean the subfloor and install the vapor barrier.

When you take on the task of installing the flooring yourself, you can be proud and also keep that extra money in your pocket to spend on other items for the home. This is a simple job that any homeowner can do and then you will feel confident enough to take on other home improvement tasks around the home.

Call laminate flooring professional

If the laminate flooring is installed by a professional, they will rip up the old carpet or bad flooring and haul it away. They will also clean up the floor, install the vapor barrier, and install the flooring. Some laminate flooring retailers offer to install the flooring for free or at a discounted rate. This includes all the supplies needed to install the flooring and sometimes a warranty on the floor and installation.

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