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Is Marble Flooring A Good Choice For Home?

Marble has been used for thousands of years since Greek and Roman times, and it can be seen as highly luxurious. Marble has been historically associated with opulence and wealth and it has been used in some of the great architectural works of art throughout human history. When installed in a modern home it can create a sense of luxury and sophistication. It has a slightly translucent quality which allows illumination to penetrate the surface of lighter colored marbles and the material seems to show a slight glowing.

Is Marble Flooring A Good Choice For Home?

Marble flooring has become widely popular and has seen an increase in sales in Singapore over the past years. If you are considering installing new flooring material for your home then marble flooring may be a good choice. Marble is a durable flooring material because of its rigorous natural processing in the earth which causes the limestone to crystallize at high temperatures and become marble. Being a natural product, marble has natural built stain resistance. This is one of the key benefits in choosing this type of flooring material. You can install marble flooring even in the entry way of your home because it is simple to wipe out the dirty marks and stains. In the bathroom, where shampoo, nail polish, and other liquids are often spilled, it is easy to clean the stains. You can resurface the marble flooring without the need to remove and install new flooring.

It is true that no flooring material is totally stain proof. If a liquid remains on the surface for long it could absorb into the material and stain. An acid or alkaline substance such as cleaner, drink, or food, may have a corroding action to the marble flooring and cause a light and dull colored spot. Marble is also softer than granite and may scratch more easily. A polished marble floor tile may wear faster from foot traffic than granite. But a good quality polished marble does not stain easy because it is dense and a low absorbent. Marble can etch easy and many people confuse that with staining. But the good news is that etch marks can be easily removed from the polished marble.

Marble is the traditional choice for floor tile in the bathroom and kitchen. A honed marble surface may be a better choice than a polished one, because can better handle the wearing and you don’t have to worry about maintaining the polish. The etch marks, scratches, and stains are cheaply and easily removed on a honed marble surface. However, the down side of a honed marble surface is that the pattern and the color are not as dramatic and saturated as on the polished marble.

With proper sealing and maintenance, marble is a good choice of flooring for your home. It gives an attractive and elegant appearance and can increase the value of your property. Marble can be also a good choice for kitchen countertops and for walls. Marble can come in nearly any color, from white and blacks to many colors in between, such as pink or green. In case that you choose to install light colored marble you need to use a matching color grout.

Marble flooring in the bathroom is one of the popular options for an enduring quality and a luxurious look. The marble tiles can last a lifetime with the proper sealing and maintenance. They are naturally water proof and have many other advantages. However, a floor sealing is necessary in order to avoid reactions of acid elements like soap, shampoo, or toothpaste. Because the marble tiles are cool to touch it might be also a good idea to install radiant heat under the marble flooring in the bathroom or add well placed rugs to keep your feet warm. Take care to avoid dropping objects on the marble flooring because the marble tiles are sensitive to high impact breaks and hits and might crack from impact. 

Marble flooring in the kitchen is also a popular choice due to its versatility, attractive features, durability and resistance to moisture. Marble is also resistant to allergens and bacteria, which makes it ideal for kitchen flooring. With the proper sealants against moisture your kitchen marble flooring will be nearly indestructible. However, take care to not use harsh cleaners, especially cleaners based on chlorine. They can damage the marble luster.

Because marble is an expensive choice you wouldn’t want to make and installing mistakes and it is recommended to have it professionally installed. 

Overall, we can conclude that marble flooring can be a good choice for your home and can greatly increase its design, sophistication and luxury appearance.

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