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Top Types Of Flooring Commonly Used In Singapore And Their Advantages

Flooring is a very crucial part when it comes to finishing or renovating the house. It can determine greatly the look that your house takes due to the ambiance it creates. For general housing, these are the common types of flooring mostly used in
Singapore that one can choose and never go wrong with.

Types Of Flooring Commonly Used

Wood flooring

This can be done with products made from either timber or grass. For instance, bamboo is mostly used in flooring and its made of grass. Parquet flooring is the widely preferred type of wood flooring in Singapore. This is because it is made from the best hardwoods such as mahogany, oak, cherry and maple. This makes it a high quality type of flooring which can stand the test of time without unnecessary renovations. Alternatively, one can use engineered wood flooring for the same purpose. This consists of two wood layers made of wood board. Engineered wood is very stable, making it the mostly used wood flooring in the whole world leave alone Singapore.

Benefits of wood flooring
Wood is preferred for the following reasons:

Strong and durable

Wooden floors can last for very long periods of time due to the stability that is usually incepted during its construction and also due to the use of hard wood.

Wood is very easy to clean since it hardly collects much dirt and dust

Simple means of cleaning such as mopping and vacuum cleaning can be used on it as well.

Wooden floors give a high quality look whenever they are installed

They also give an illusion of space and elegance. Wooden floors never get out of date, hence giving the house an all-time look as well.

Healthy indoor air

Considering that wood doesn’t collect dust, pollen and allergens, the quality of indoor air for houses with wooden floor goes uncompromised.

Laminate flooring

In this case, flooring is done using pressed wood. It is made of many layers of a synthetic product that is bonded together through lamination. Though it looks like wood, it is not actually made of wood. Such a look is usually brought about by a photographic applique coating that is installed to bring out such an ambiance.

Types Of Flooring Commonly Used

The popularity of laminate flooring has massively grown over time due to the following advantages:

It is cheap.

Laminate flooring is cheaper than any other form of traditional flooring in Singapore. There are prices for various groups and types of these floors hence making it convenient for different groups of people financially.

Easy to install

The laminate boards are made in a way to interlock with each other, and laminate can be floated on top of so many other floors. This makes it time and labor saving. Actually, some people are able to install them on their own.

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Laminate floors are simple to clean. They are water and stain resistant hence they can be easily mopped. In cases where no much dirt has accumulated, one can always sweep.

Numerous styles

Laminate floors come in a wide variety of wood, tile and stone styles of finishing. These are in a wide variety of colors, thicknesses and surface treatments. This gives its clientele a wide variety to choose from.

Flooring tiles

They are hard made pieces of strong materials like stone, ceramic and metal, and are used for covering floors in buildings. Tiles come in a wide array of styles and design, hence they are also becoming a popular choice for flooring. Installing of tiles requires careful planning in order to get the best look for the designs and patterns. During installation, the gap between the tiles is sealed using floor grout, though mortar has been used for long.

Types Of Flooring Commonly Used

Tiles have the following benefits:


Tiles especially made from ceramic and porcelain can last for very many years when well taken care of. With proper cleaning and using of non-acidic cleaning materials they can really last long.

Easy to maintain

When well glazed, tiles are very simple to maintain. One needs only soap and water to clean any type of spill. In addition to that, most grouts are stain resistant hence on has nothing to worry about staining.

They are healthy

Tiles are manufactured in a way to harbor negligible volatile organic compounds which are hazardous to human health. This makes it suitable for use by people who are easily affected by allergens such as pollen, and dust.

They are fire resistant

Tiles do not catch fire hence they make the home/ office a safer place to stay in. in the case of a fire happening, they also cannot accelerate fire hence making it safe to use.

Stones flooring.

Believed to be the handiwork of nature, stone tiles can be made from marble, granite, limestone, quartzite, sandstone among others. To make the floor, the stones are sliced and polished to bring out their hidden beauty. Most home owners go for marble and granite for floors.

Stone has the following merits when used for flooring:

Stone is environmentally friendly since its mined directly from the earth and does not need to be cleaned using chemicals.
Natural stones are very long lasting. This comes with the strength in them which cannot be easily destroyed by the daily tear and wear in the home. They help in keeping the home cool. Stone flooring is very suitable for people who live in hotter areas since they have a natural cooling effect. Stones give an elegant classy look when used since they are unique and natural. One doesn’t have to keep questioning themselves about stains since natural stone is stain resistant hence easy to maintain.


Whether carrying out furnishing or remodelling, it is always good to research well on which type of floor works best for your house. This can be determined by individual needs, preferences and affordability. All these should lead into one getting the look they desire most for their home or office. The floor should always set the ambiance of the house hence should be done in the best standards possible.

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