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Is Laminate Flooring Suitable For Restaurant?

Laminate flooring for a restaurant is quite a discussion with many people feeling differently about the same. Some of the facts are right while others are plain wrong. So is using laminate flooring for a restaurant a good idea. The whole answer lies on the professionalism of the job done. Laminate flooring presents an absolutely breathtaking option for any floor which is the reason why it a good option for any restaurant looking for a classy finish. Any kind of floor will be a problem as long as the job is poorly done. It will also be a challenge as long as the company sought to do the job has no experience on the same kind of floor. Laminate flooring can be quite a challenge thanks to the numerous options in the market when it comes to types, kinds and manufacturers. This is not helped by the numerous laminate flooring companies in the yellow pages or the internet.

Is Laminate Flooring Suitable For Restaurant?

You need a few tips to jump this hurdle.

1. Go for experience. Do not sign up with a company that has no experience in the area. One of the best ways to ensure you get this right is by visiting places that have done laminate flooring for commercial purposes. Finding out all about the company that did the job will lead you to some credible companies.

2. Do you research on the subject. You need to figure out what kind of restaurant flooring you want. You will not want to set up the laminate flooring where the area is damp. Singapore can be humid which means that you will have to be a little selective. This however is not a problem when it comes to laminate floors. Places that are soggy or damp often are not ideal for laminate flooring. This means that you may have to set up your flooring selectively.


Laminate flooring comes with some great advantages that make it ideal for flooring.

-The floor mimics real wood creating a beautiful set up. It also comes with a number of options in terms of design. The fact that the panels aren’t real wood allows the manufacturers to create a wide range of options for the customers.

- The durability of laminate flooring cannot be understated. The hardened fibber material is really long lasting. This makes it ideal even in high traffic areas. The tough layer of resin makes it scratch free. It also makes it tougher than carpet, hardwood and vinyl.

- The laminate floors are easy to install which makes the deal cheaper. Though not recommended, the floors can be done as a DIY on a much smaller scale. The installation is quite affordable even on a commercial scale.

- Laminate flooring provides a large variety of quality. This means that you can get tougher flooring if you need one for the restaurant. This coupled with a wide variety of choice in terms of colour makes it ideal for aesthetic purposes.

- Laminate flooring is easy to clean. It is also stain-free as compared to man other kinds of floor. Wiping the floor with a little moisture leaves a lasting impression that every restaurant will want to keep.

- The flooring is also hypo allergic. This means that it is friendly for any user. Most floors will come with challenges when it comes to allergies. The materials used for laminate flooring hare selectively set to create an environmentally safe situation.

- Laminate flooring is also a great option when it comes to keeping the environment green. The fact that they provide the same look as any hardwood keeps the lumberjacks off the fields. This had helped create a greener environment while giving hose that love the hardwood finish a viable option.

Restaurant Laminate Flooring

How about the Restaurant?

- You will need to consider a few factors when it comes to restaurant laminate flooring. The most important is the levelling of the floor. An uneven floor will cause cracks and damage no matter how well the layering is being done. Any particles or obstacles on the floor will also lead to uneven flooring. The laminate floor tiles are quite sensitive on the edges. This means that the edges have to be well placed against each other to ensure that they are not chipped off. The laying of the tiles next to each other also needs close attention. A shoddy job will allow leaks through the floor. This will weaken the glue used to lay the tiles leading to them chipping off. A well cleaned and levelled floor in the restaurant provides for perfect floor lamination.

- Ensure that you go for stronger or heavier tiles. This is for the purpose of withstanding the traffic in the restaurant. There are tiles in the market that have been designed for this sole purpose. More traffic means that more pressure is being applied on the laminate tiles. Laying the tiles as flat as possible on a well levelled floor also reduced the chances of compromise of the laminate flooring.

- You will also need to ensure that you check the kind of furniture you set up in the restaurant. Furniture that has no buffing will scratch the floor badly when pulled. Ensure that your furniture has smooth bases that will slide over the floor without leaving a mark. Metal bases will scratch at the laminate floor especially when weight is applied to the same. Wooden furniture will be the best at this point. Plastic furniture will also work out well if one is going for the particular look.

Finally, ensure that you do not set up the floors in a busy kitchen. It is wiser for you to set up the laminate flooring on the lounge and restaurant areas where cleaning and looking is not involved. Other options at this point can be used for the sake of longevity. In as much as laminate flooring is tough durable and affordable, it doesn’t mean that it is not indestructible to stagnant water and extreme heat. Laminate flooring remains one of the strongest candidates for restaurant laminate flooring.

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We are specialists in Laminate Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Parquet, Decking, Timber Flooring, Bamboo Flooring & Engineered Flooring
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