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How High Is The Cost For Parquet Installation At Home?

The right type of parquet should be chosen depending on many factors: the destination room, its size, how it is decorated, the colors used in the interior design, the brightness of the room. 

The first issues that need to be taken into account are practical. If it's for your living room, kitchen or entrance hall is mandatory to choose laminate flooring boards of a thickness of 8 mm, provided by the manufacturer with specifications like "intense domestic traffic" or other similar specifications. In bedrooms and other areas of the house where the traffic is not so heavy, laminate flooring can be used with smaller thicknesses, from 6 mm. 

Laminate color must take into account not only the rest of the colors in the room, and the dimensioned room. Darker shades fit in rooms large, such as the living room. It is recommended to create a bit of contrast between the floor and wall color and furniture. If you choose a dark laminate flooring, painted walls a light shade and opt for bright furniture, cheerful. You can get the same good looks and by contrast a dark hardwood floors and carpet in shades cheerful pastel.

Dark rooms that do not receive much natural light will not look good with a dark floor. Cheer the room with a parquet lighter shades: white oak, beech or hair. Avoid dark shades, floors, wenge or teak like in these rooms. Smaller-sized rooms will also look better if you mount a light colored flooring. 

How High Is The Cost For Parquet Installation At Home?

All you need to know about parquet and laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is a product that combines a lot of great qualities. Cheap, durable, easy to install and easy to maintain, laminate flooring offers an excellent quality-price ratio. Choosing the right type of laminate flooring is very important for operating length, in good conditions thereof. Thickness parquet manufacturer's instructions on the area where it can be mounted, and its correct installation are some of the things that need to be considered when choosing laminate flooring for your interior. 

Laminate thickness varies generally between 6 and 12 mm. Laminated plates with thickness smaller than 6, 7 or 8 mm are recommended for areas of the home where traffic is intense: bedroom, office, interior hallways. For the living room, kitchen and entrance hall, choose flooring with thickness exceeding 8 mm, preferably more. 

Another important factor to consider are the manufacturer's instructions. Most types of flooring have indications such as domestic traffic, domestic traffic intense commercial traffic environment, commercial high traffic. It is essential to buy laminate flooring that is adapted to the type of space where it will be installed. Buying a type of flooring that is not heavy traffic and being mounted for it in an area with such traffic only apparently make savings because that floor needs to be replaced much sooner than you expected. Instead, you choose the type of flooring suitable for heavy traffic, even if initially it will be slightly more expensive, the floor will remain functional and will look flawless for longer. 

For correct operation, in good condition, laminate flooring is very important that it be installed correctly. For joining laminate panel to be perfect and remain so, mounting surface must be perfectly straight. Differences in level must be within 1 to 2 mm. If the floor of the house has large level differences remedy this problem before installing laminate flooring. 

Also, do not forget to put under the flooring a protective foil which works for thermal insulation and sound isolation. Direction of mounting plank must be opposite to the direction of movement of the main room. In other words, you walk through a room from the front door toward the opposite wall, it would have to step on the plank width, not length. The prosecution will remain fixed joints and enjoy more time for a floor that looks flawless. 

How High Is The Cost For Parquet Installation At Home?

All you need to know about parquet installation

If you decide to fit hardwood flooring in your home, here are some technical details and less technical that you need to know about this product. 

Layered flooring combines the advantages of solid wood and qualities to those of a modern surface, is easy to assemble, clean and maintain. Prosecutor has a layered structure composed of three layers of wood: the top layer, contact layer and wear layer is made ​​of noble woods, thickness 4-5 mm. Middle layer of connective strength increases and is composed of remnant timber with a thickness of 7 mm. Base layer has a thickness of 4 mm and is also composed of softwood. This layered structure provides outstanding resistance to the product. At a thickness of 14 to 15 mm it is as durable as hardwood flooring, and even easier to install. The only negative, when you compare it with hardwood flooring is that it can be reconditioned by sanding and varnishing. 

Therefore, layered flooring offers a very good value for money, is easily installed and brings the elegance of wood in your home. Maintenance is as simple and unproblematic. What precautions need to be taken are related, primarily, a possible scratch the flooring with furniture or door. Cover chair legs, tables and sofas with felt or rubber protectors and make sure the door is securely mounted and not touch the floor. 

Sweeping and vacuuming of the floor should be done only with soft and elastic brushes which do not scratch surface. Washing is done every few days with a cotton cloth soaked in warm soapy water. Avoid cleaners for hardwood floors as layered flooring surface will not absorb substances emollients (oils, waxes) of wood cleaners. Choose detergents for modern surfaces that have anti-static and will prevent dust and lint on the floor.

The cost for parquet installation in Singapore depends very much on the surface in use as well as the materials chosen by the owner. For a 100% free on-site measurement and quotation visit

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Singapore #1 Laminate Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Parquet, Decking, Timber, Bamboo & Engineered Flooring Specialists

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We are specialists in Laminate Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Parquet, Decking, Timber Flooring, Bamboo Flooring & Engineered Flooring
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