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All About Laminate Flooring in Singapore

Laminate Flooring in Singapore

Want to know more about laminate flooring in Singapore? The popularity of laminate flooring among Singaporean homeowners is growing fast, as it is a cheaper alternative to hard wood flooring, yet it looks and feels like the real thing. Unlike hard wood flooring, laminate flooring is durable and resists scratches and stains better. This reduces the associated maintenance and repair costs. As the flooring is synthetic, the colour lasts longer, unlike hard wood which will fade over time due to exposure to sunlight. With laminate flooring, you can have hard wood or stone flooring in your home for a fraction of the price!

Laminate flooring is actually made up of several layers which are put together and coated with resin to hold them together and strengthen the flooring. The bottom layer, also known as the balancing layer, provides the base, which is waterproof. A good base will hold its shape for many years, so that the flooring remains level and does not warp when it comes into contact with water.

This is followed by the inner core layer, made of high-density fibreboard which could have a coat of resin to repel moisture. The next layer is the key to the appearance of the flooring. A high-resolution photograph of the wood or stone flooring you want to emulate is placed here. This is why laminate flooring is cheaper – the ‘wood’ is really a photograph! How realistic the flooring looks will depend on the image you choose for this design layer.

Lastly, there is the transparent wear layer, which as the name suggests, will stand up to all the wear and tear the floor experiences. This makes it good for areas of the home with high traffic, like the living room. The wear layer protects your photograph of wood grain from the elements, keeping the floor looking new for years. Some manufacturers promise a warranty of up to 25 years, if not for a lifetime. You will probably never need to change the flooring in your house again. All the layers are combined by laminating under direct pressure or heat to produce the flooring tiles.

Installation is quick and inexpensive, so you can stretch your renovation budget. It is considered a ‘floating’ floor, meaning that the tiles do not need to be nailed down as in the case of hard wood. Instead, you just need to glue the tiles down together onto the sub-floor. Some flooring types do not even require glue, as they will fit together when you lay the tiles, though these types are less impervious to water.

As the tiles are glued together and the floor is coated with a wear layer and resin, laminate flooring is a clean and hygienic choice for everyone. Dirt cannot enter the gaps easily, especially if the tiles are laid neatly. You can safely use a damp cloth to clean the floor because it will not warp, unlike a real hard wood floor. Laminate flooring is less dusty than carpeted flooring, so those with allergies can rest assured.

For the environmentally-conscious homeowner, laminate flooring is a great eco-friendly option because it requires less wood to be cut, especially from rarer hard wood trees, which are also more expensive. It also gives homes a cosy feel, as it does not feel cold when you walk on it, unlike marble or ceramic tile flooring, increasing your comfort level. This makes it a great choice for bedrooms where people walk barefoot.

Laminate flooring really gives you lots of value for money, because you save on the cost but not on the style, letting you enjoy the best of both worlds.


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Was recommended by my colleague to do my vinyl flooring. They offered free onsite quote and the vinyl flooring consultant came and gave us a quotation. He advised us on the various types of floorings and we decided to go for laminate flooring, vinyl and also decking for my patio. Really wonderful service. Appreciate your help guys.
Vincent Ong (Punggol)
Singapore #1 Flooring Specialist
Singapore #1 Laminate flooring, Vinyl flooring, Parquet, Decking, Timber, Bamboo & Engineered Flooring Specialists

Singapore #1 Laminate Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Parquet, Decking, Timber, Bamboo & Engineered Flooring Specialists

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We are specialists in Laminate Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Parquet, Decking, Timber Flooring, Bamboo Flooring & Engineered Flooring
We are specialists in Laminate Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Parquet, Decking, Timber Flooring, Bamboo Flooring & Engineered Flooring
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Got my timber decking and also vinyl flooring installed my Singapore Floorings. All i can say is their rates and workmanship is superb. They even send me some vouchers to do my curtains and lightings. Very attention to detail and great customer service.
Mr Singh (River Valley)

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